Our organization has grown to 52 children in total. We are located at Gongo la Mboto, Ulongoni B, Dar es Salaam.

Ms. Nsamaka Chanikicha

Director and founder

“Great Hope for Society is the realization of my dream to care for orphans and abandoned children. The dream was born when my parents opening our house to some orphans and abandoned children by creating a space in our home to share what we had.

My desire to care for the less fortunate started from when I was a young girl. Being brought up with parents who cared for the less fortunate in the society, I witnessed how children were suffering after being abandoned by their parents due to excess drinking or poverty and orphans who were left destitute after the death of their parents. I felt in my heart that all the hurting children should be taken care of, yet nobody cared about them. It is because of this situation that I vowed in my heart that if I get a chance in future and have my own organization, I would not live to see children suffer after losing parents but would make sure they attain education in order to better their lives.

I shared the idea with my family who supported me. Therefore I made up my mind to take care of a 6 and 1 year old girls while in their home. Their mother had died and they were living with their father who couldn’t take good care of them.

In February 2009 I went to the Ministry of Home Affairs and expressed my intention to open a charitable institution and in 2012 our organization was registered under registration number S.A 18237


The primary goal of the project is to restore hope through provision of basic needs and education to orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania. GREHOS takes care of destitute, orphaned and abandoned children.


The children and families whose lives we touch with care will realize their potential and experience a brighter tomorrow imparted due to caring nature and learning atmosphere of the GREHOS organization.

Objectives, Achievements & Challenges

  • To provide hope to disadvantaged children within Tanzania by providing food, clothing, water, shelter, education and sanitation.
  • To protect and promote the interest of all children.
  • To advocate for child welfare and children’s rights in line with UN and  UNICEF convention on the rights of the child.
  • To find and provide alternative homes for children in need of care and special protection.
  • To increase the level of literacy among children with the aim of promoting basic education.

Since its inception, Great Hope for Society has achieved the following in its Endeavour to provide the best to help change life and give hope to less fortunate children in Tanzania.

    • A total of 52 children drawn from poor families. Orphans and abandoned are now in our case.
    • We have started with a kindergarten school
    • We also provide them with basic needs such as food and clothing.
  • Funding to build up the institution has increasingly become a challenge
  • We lack computers that can be useful in keeping track of the children records, basic accounting, Networking etc.
  • Paying school fees.
  • Paying teachers and subordinate members
  • We are also faced with a challenge in providing food, Health and clothing.
  • We therefore call upon well-wishers to help us meet the challenges.

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