The Children

Our orphanage has 52 children  in total. Most of them living at the home attending public & private schools in the local area. They are aged between 3 years 14 years old, boys and girls altogether.


Aside from having a home and something to eat every day, education is the most important thing in our orphanage. We try to get the best education for every single child…


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Whatever you would like to support the Nutrition, Education or Projects or be responsible for the school-fees of one child during a period of time or if you would like to make a one-time contribution, we‘ll be very, very happy and thankful!

Great Hope for Society GREHOS

Great Hope for Society was started in 2009 by Nsamaka Ismail Chanikicha. Her focus was on orphans who lost hope due to various circumstances such as HIV poverty and lack of education.

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